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Thursday, February 24, 2005



Hi all,

sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday.
We are taking the youth group camping on the weekend and I have been flat out getting ready for that. It is going to be great.

I wonder what your thoughts are on attitude?

I tend to think that my attitude makes all the difference on my day. I try and have a positive attitude to most things and I tend to enjoy most things. If I have a negative attitude to something (for whatever reason) I tend not to enjoy that thing.

I am really looking forward to camping this weekend.
I am expecting a great weekend.

I got some advert cards for see you at the pole. Has anyone had any good experiences of this they want to share?
I don't know what is the best way to encourage our yr 8 & 9s to take part, as they are not 'leaders' in the school or anything. Perhaps other groups are doing something.
I have a Synergy meeting tomorrow morning.
Synergy is all the church youth workers/leaders/pastors in Greensborough getting together to network and organise events. It is a pretty good group. Always keen to do something.

Anyway, I might not blog tomorrow, definitely won't over the weekend. Maybe sunday night. I will let you know how the camping goes.

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