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Tuesday, February 22, 2005



I am currently in the process of setting up a mentoring program for some of the young people I work with.

How can one overstate the value of a quality mentor?

The word mentor probably conjures up differing images for different people.
I remember the first time I heard the word.
My minister was sitting on the other side of his desk to me, telling me that he wanted to mentor me. How scary.
Funny thing was that that minister was one of the greatest influences on my spiritual development as a teenager. Thing was nothing came of our 'mentoring' sessions and so we stopped them.

Today I have a different mentor, this one happens to be unavailable for a little while and so I haven't caught up with him since before Christmas.

The problem I find with mentors is that I am prone to pick someone who thinks similarly to myself. The trick is finding someone who you respect and will challenge and develop your thinking.

So this is a question for you the reader. What is your experience of mentors or mentoring?

I think the term mentor and disciple are interchangable. Isn't mentoring discipling, and how can we disciple without mentoring?

What are your thoughts??

From the otherside of the Globe
The program provides a mentor, so I've had a phenomenal Christian named John as my mentor (http://justiceandmercy.blogspot.com) and I have valued so much from having him. I can't really imagine my life without a mentor, and reall want to make sure it stays that way.

On the otherside, leaving home I have realised that I have mentor one maybe a few more guys, and have left an impact on them, and well I can see how important and good trustworthy advice giving person can be in anyones life

hope alls well in MCD, I miss it
I mean the progam i am on, in the above comment

*cough* www.ignitegapyear.com *cough*
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