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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Sport and Money

Today I was reading an article in Four Four Two, a British football magazine.
It was an article on how the big clubs in England have shafted the smaller clubs and explaining the history of the Premier League and how it all came about.
Old story but a reminder.

For those that don't know what happened, the largest clubs in England turned around to the Football Association and said they were going to create their own league, mainly to get control of the huge television rights. A bit like the super-league crisis in Rugby League (cept it worked)

Consequently in England the same Large clubs win the Premier League every year.

The game of football originated in England and spread through the world. When you see how football can be used as a community development tool in places like South America it is sad to see the ugly greedy side of European football.

It will be interesting to see how the A-League ends up in 10 years here in Australia. I am excited by the prospect of being able to attend quality football games in Victoria regularly, I admit I only ever attended one NSL game, Morwell Falcons vs I can't even remember, when I was around 8.

Sydney Utd is aiming to head down the 'glamour club' road.
Melbourne has had a go at them about this already.

Hopefully the game in Australia will head down a different track to the game in England and other parts of Europe.

Only a pity that the first tournament featuring the A-League teams won't have a game in Melbourne.

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