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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Technology Rant

It is interesting how people react to new technology.

This week has been one of those weeks.

Last friday our church got a new laptop and a portable data projector. I used it for the first time on sunday for a training afternoon.

I have a palm m105 it is always interesting to see people's responses.

How about setting up a blog and telling people about it?

It was great yesterday to be in a place where other people had PDAs because noone looked at you weird when you pull out your palm. I was in a class last year, pulled out my palm and the comment was "typical youth worker"

I showed my officer my new blog and his response was "oh no".
Someone else said "don't know what it is but it sounds rude"

How does this relate to the world? (my wife is sitting next to me asking what the point of a blog is)

Well what about the gospel? is it something that from the outside is viewed as geeky?
Is it viewed as being of no use?

I started off as the only blogger I knew in Ballarat, and most people didn't really see the point of it at all, but now a lot of us have blogs, and we find they're very useful for sharing and discussing ideas.
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