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Thursday, February 17, 2005



Gee, it is funny how time flies when you are having fun, or are busy.

if anyone has been checking this blog everyday (I am guessing that is noone) you probably thought that I got caught up in a new thing and then after 3 days the enthusiasm wore out.

Well that isn't true. Sunday I didn't go on the net. Monday I didn't go on the net.
Tuesday I went on the net at work but decided against blogging as I had to head home.
Yesterday I logged on to the net at home, and then as soon as the modem disconnected I remembered that I had forgot to blog.

New thing, old brain. I haven't been doing it for 21 days yet so it hasn't become a habit.

I could make a comment about how people are so busy today. We all know that.

I will admit that I don't always use my time effectively, too many long chats and reading too many emails while I should be doing something else.

Perhaps there is a challenge for me there. Effective bussiness as aposed to ineffective bussiness.

on that note I better get back to work.

Just thought i'd let you know, I check it each day
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