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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Gee, I am slack

It has been 6 days since I last blogged.

sorry about that (not that anyone checks this thing other than my mother, hi mum)

well, we are into Holy week.
Easter is nearly here.

On Sunday, we had a prayer time to remember the victims of the Iraq war. 2 years ago on the weekend, the US and the coalition of the willing invaded Iraq.

How time flies.

check out www.sojo.net
a great site for christians interested in social justice.

Last week I did a bit of investigating and found out that the Salvation Army is currently reviewing its policy on working with refugees.
Currently the Army in Victoria only has one place for refugees to get specific assistance, and the officers who have been running that for years are retiring later this year.

The proposal is that all corps will be educated in the issues surrounding refugees and that specific people will undergo training in how to assist refugees.
It also recommends that the army put money into this program and also introduce refugee issues into the curriculum at the officer training college.

I was very excited when I read through the proposal and heard that the army is actually working through the issues. I was told that it will be put into action once the crinkles have been worked out.

Something to pray about.

God Bless all

WOW I didn't know any of that - thanks for the very informative blog there! I would LOVE to see the SA get off their butts with the refugee issue!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHH typically a few hundred years behind ;-)
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