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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Home again

Well, the hike was great. We went to Craig's Hut (queue music) originally built for the movie "Man From Snowy River"

I would just like to take a short moment to have a rant, please bear (is that how I spell it?) with me.

One of the members of my party was not to fond of 4WDs and their owners. Obviously they are not environmentally friendly, the 4WDs not necessarily their owners. I also think that it is an interesting way to see the countryside, driving around with your windows up and air conditioning on.

2 things on the weekend helped to confirm this view to me.

1) having hiked up the side of Mt Stirling, we reached the summit only to find a 4WD club camped at the top. When we met some of them at the summit, one of the drivers turned to us, noting our hiking packs on our back and said "did you guys walk up here?"

2) We hiked along a 4WD track and spent the best part of an afternoon and the next morning dodging 4WDs, the height of it being when we stopped for a break and 6 4WDs in convoy travelled past, then 10 minutes later came back the other way. If I had have wanted traffic like that I would never have left Melbourne.

I would be interested to see how many suburban 4WD owners would actually go out into the country if they did not have a 4WD.

End rant.

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