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Saturday, April 02, 2005



So after a hectic Easter weekend,
here I am enjoying a quiet weekend.

We have come to Traralgon for Cathlyn's (melissa's sister) 21st.

I have spent the past 26 hours reading books pretty much non-stop (except for sleeping). It is great.

I went to the library on thursday to find some books.
The first one I read (and finished in around 24 hours) was about the how the Israeli Air Force bombed Iraqs first nuclear reactor to prevent them from building an atomic bomb.
It was in 1981. I knew that it had happened so when I saw a book detailing it I thought I would pick it up and read. It was very interesting. Of course the guy highlighted how all the present neo-cons, Wolfawitz and the like, all loved the idea of bombing Iraq 10 years before the Americans did it for the first time.

I am now reading a book on the Cuban missile crisis. It is written by a sailor who was on an American destroyer during the crisis. He interviewed people on both sides of the naval blockade. It is very detailed and relies heavily on personal stories of the officers involved. It documents how close we came to a nuclear war during the crisis.

The USSR allowed their battlefield commanders the responsibility to use tatical nuclear weapons without authorisation from Moscow if the situation called for it.

It sounds like very deep reading for a quiet weekend doesn't it?
oh well. I enjoy it.

Hi Liam, it's sarah e here from youth group.
ur mum isn't the only one reading this, it's funny when you said "hi mum," then i started laughing when you said that u hope no 1 from ur church reads this, lol.
i stumbled across this when i was looking for easter camp photo's. do greensy salvos have a website, cause i can't find 1. i want some pics of easter camp!
hope u stil blog,
catcha l8er
Sarah Eley
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