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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Here we go again

Last night I was writing in my journal. It had been 2 months
since my last entry (I had been using a different journal
for my trip to India).

It was a really great experience to reflect back upon the
last 2 months of my life.
So much has happened, a trip to India, new initiatives at
work, some of the same old issues at work, connecting in
new ways with the community that I live in.

It has been a while since I last blogged too. I have 3
assignments to get finished by next monday. But hopefully
I can get back into the routine of blogging.

Yesterday I got a new keyboard for my Palm (which I am using
at the moment) so now I can blog on the go and upload it
at a later stage.

I promise to blog more often, however I will enter an agreement
with you, those few brave souls who actually look at my
blog. I will blog if you comment. At the bottom of each
post there it says what time this blog was added, next to
that it has '0 comments'.
Please click on the comments link and add a comment. I
hope to dialogue, not so much talk one way. So please talk
to me, not just listen.

Lets see how we both go.
We need to hold each other accountable.

awww are you feeling un read and unpopular? :-) well I would like to hear all about india but never get anything from you. Where's this journal that you used?
Well I'm ready to roll again. it's been so long I took it off my favourites.
I'd love to hear more about India!
hey liam! i don't so often look at your blog or anyone else's at that fact! but i'll make an effort maybe!? to look at urs and jason's to see what they've been up to! coolnessness. say hello to your wonderful wife and my beautiful sister for me please? naomi!
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