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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Micah Mandate

For the next two weeks I will be doing an intensive subject
at Whitley. It is entitled the Micah Mandate and is looking
at a Christian response to Global Poverty.

Anyone who knows me knows that this is an issue close to
my heart.
I will share some different thoughts and reflections over
the course of the next two weeks, but just wanted to share
two quotes with you to get your thoughts:

"Poverty is perhaps the greatest threat to faith in a just
and loving God."


"Anyone who knows that God will one day wipe away all tears
will not accept with resignation the tears of those who
suffer and are oppressed now. Anyone who knows that one
day there will be no more disease can and must actively
anticipate the conquest of disease in individuals and society
now. And anyone who believes that the enemy of God and
humans will be vanquished will already oppose him now in
his machinations in family and society. For all of this
has to do with salvation."
- David Bosch, Transforming Mission, p 400

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