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Tuesday, November 22, 2005



We have started a mission training program for some of our young people.
We have been looking at the doctrines of the Salvation Army, reading through the Gospel of Mark and trying to work out what it all means in relation to this thing called mission.

Well tonight we are looking at the doctrines relating to Salvation.
What the heck is this thing we call Salvation.
How do we define it? How do we describe it? How do we even know what it means?

Our movement is called the Salvation Army, is that supposed to mean we know what this thing Salvation actually is??

William Booth talked about temporal salvation as well as eternal salvation. Temporal salvation was the idea that we could be saved in this world, we could have a temporal salvation. Drunks could find salvation from alcohol, gamblers could find salvation from the pokies.

how real is temporal salvation in the western world today??

hey dude

I'm interested in this training program

Want to catch up for coffee?
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