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Wednesday, November 16, 2005



Had an interesting discussion yesterday..

Who do we compare ourselves to?

In our society we are bombarded with images of those who
are wealthy. Our TV gives us images of nice things and
we think "I don't have that, I want it"

How different would our lifestyle be if we compared ourselves
with those below us? If our TVs showed us images of India,
Africa and Asia?

Why do we define the world as rich and poor, developed and
underdeveloped (or politely developing)?

Why not poor and non-poor?
Why not those that don't have and those who hoard?

Heard a story of a Bible Study where someone said,
"Have you ever noticed how Jesus always seems to be spending
time with and talking to the poor? Do we do that?"

Good questions to ask ourselves.

A good example of this worldview is seen right here in my hometown of Wellington NZ recently. The Police had started arresting the homeless because it's not good for the image of the city, so they have been either taken to jail or elsewhere? now how screw up is that? We think of ourselves too highly and it's not "What's best for the Community anymore, it's what's best for ME!"

A cool quote I read goes like this...

"To the world I maybe one person, but to one person, I maybe the world?"

We need to be Jesus to everyone no matter who they are, rich or poor, saved or non-saved!

Cheers, Ukiewookie
hmm. I was reading something from CBMI yesterday where one of the people who received the help for their family health said that they pray for us in AUstralia who give the money. I found that really affected me. I felt selfish and it humbled me. Wow...
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