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Monday, December 05, 2005


A long line and a whole lot of patience .....

Well, here I am.
It is 9:45 and I have been standing in this line for an hour.
The line snakes out the door and down the car park. In
the hour I have been standing here almost as many people
have come and joined the line behind me as there are in
front of me.

Now I am contemplating whether I should have followed the
advice given to me.
"I would get there at 5 o'clock"
If I had have gotten here then I would have been one of
the first in the line. But it would have been 5am, and I
would have had to wait 4 hours, atleast I would have bought
a book.

So as I stand and wait I ponder if the prize will be worth
the wait. Will my patience be rewarded?

Yesterday I had a very rewarding experience. 'The Long Walk'
Michael Long, an Indigenous Aussie Rules Football player,
earlier this year walked from Melbourne to Canberra to ask
John Howard a question. He went to ask Johnny "Where is
the love?" Where is the love when Indigenous Australians
live on average 17 years less than non-Indigenous Australians?
Where is the love when Indigenous Australians have an infant
mortality rate 3 times that of non-Indigenous Australians?
Where is the love when Indigenous Australians constitute
2 per cent of the population yet 20 per cent of the prison

Yesterday I joined with Michael Long, Cathy Freeman and
thousands of Australians to show that there is love here.

Patience. The Aboriginal people don't need patience, they
need Justice.

I however need patience. The rumours are already heading
down the line. "There are none left" "all the cheap ones
are gone." Yet the line remains. There is still hope.
Hope that this will indeed be 'even better than the real

11 o'clock. The line is getting agitated. Not too far for
me to go now. I look at the little kids standing with their
parents, I admire their patience.

11:12 - they have sold out. But wait, there could be more
in 10 minutes. More hope. More tension, how will it end?

Well, at 12:15 they have come out and informed us that our
wait has been in vain. No more today.

I guess I will just have to be patient, wait till they come
out with more and then line up again.

Well, what were you lining up for?
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