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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Tired ....

I am so tired.

Went out Christmas carolling at 7am this morning.
Now that is early for me.

I am tired now.

The memorial service went well, thanks for asking.

I am sitting in my office, as usual.
For the last ten minutes I have been pressing that button on the top right corner of my blog, the one that says "next blog"
That button sends you to a random blog.

You know what I have found out in my 10 minutes of research.
I either need to stop blogging, or blog in another language.
Most of the blogs I came across in English were pure drivel.
The other ones were in Spanish or Malaysian or Japanese and they looked really interesting.

Oh the despair.
But wait, I have been getting a few people visiting my blog.
If you have a blog why not tell me (and everyone else here) why we should read it.
If I have a link to your blog on the left side of the page, that means I already read your blog, so you probably don't have to blow your own trumpet.

If your a first time visitor, why not take the time to tell me what you think would make this blog worth reading.

If you don't have a blog, why not put it on record as to why you don't have one.
Think there silly? Think there boring? Think they are a waste of space?

I do read some people's blogs, but they are all people I know.
I have not yet found a random blog that engages me.
Have you?

OK, time to clock out.
Sleep is good

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