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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Time for an update

Hi all,

gee Christmas eve was the last time I posted.
Sorry. Been a bit slack.

First things first.
Victory drew with Perth.
We should have won. Pity about that. At least it was an entertaining game.

Now Archie Thompson is probably going to be heading to Holland to ply his trade with PSV Eindhoven.
Hopefully he only goes for a loan stint.

I am currently preparing for Beach mission.
I will be on beach mission for 2 weeks starting on Saturday, so sorry there won't be any updates on the blog. Unless I finally work out the email settings on my phone.
I think you have to have a three email account to email with three.

One last thing.
Kerry Packer passed on.
For anyone who doesn't know Kerry Packer was one of Australia's richest people and he owned PBL, the company that owns channel 9.

I am annoyed to see in the news that the Prime Minister has come out and said that he is going to get a state funeral (or memorial) early this year.
So what, Kerry Packer gets a state funeral because he has lots of money?
Gee that irritates me.
What about a state funeral for the St. John's volunteer who died helping in the Bushfire affected area in NSW yesterday (or the day before)?
Not happy John.

hey, the third of january and no comment on your wonderful two years of marriage with your love?

hey, just have to say that i thought i would've missed a few of your entries cos i haven't checked your blog lately...glad you were slack--meant I didn't have to read a whole lot :p

johnny stuff--i didn't know about either of those things, but i see your annoyance. somebody's name known in a town where they were much loved is far more personal and respected than a name known through the state as just another person, that many don't even know....if i've said that right?
another comment, just yeah, obviously u can't get the net thingy on ur palm yet? mmm..answering machines..catch ya!
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