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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Wow over a week...

Well, it has been over a week since my last post.
Just checking to see if people will still check my blog.

Anyway, went for a lovely walk around Westerfolds Park this afternoon with Melissa. It was great to be out in the sunshine.

But then all of a sudden, something occured to me.

I thought about the structure of the Salvation Army, and I have found a problem.

If you think about our structure at a Divisional (or territorial for that matter) level, what does it say about us as an organisation/movement.

We have a Divisional Commander, divisional womens ministrys co-ordinator, divisional youth and childrens secretaries, divisional secretaries, corps program deparments, mission development departments.

You know what is missing. A men's ministry secretary/department!

To my viewing, this means one of two things.

1) Men are overlooked and under catered for in our movement.

2) The movement views Men's ministries as the primary ministry of our movement, and the secondary ministries need there own secretaries (Women and Youth & Children)

I am leaning towards the second one. But what about you, how does it resonate with your experience?
(By the way, I could pull out alot more evidence to support my argument)


I am almost certain that there is mens ministry at a THQ level and that it's probably something they are working on. From memory David Philp worked on this at one point or even now in the last few years. Check it out - you may be wrong or I may be but interesting.
hey, how'd u get that mph thingo at the top right hand corner of ya page?? i want!! lol ;)

hope you're doing well. <><
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