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Monday, May 08, 2006


Inter Church Gambling Task Force

I got a memo in my pidgeon hole this morning.
It cames from our Divisonal Commander (big boss),
I will quote a bit of it for you:

"This year is an important one for gambling in Victoria due to the imminent state government review of many aspects of the gambling industry, including the renewal of pokie machine licenses beyond 2012. One of the practical issues is the proximity of Automatic Teller Machines to gaming venues."

" ...help in a campaign by the Taskforce in trying to get ATMs out of pokie venues. By comparison EFTPOS poses less risk to people with gambling problems due to the interaction with venue staff to access EFTPOS"

So the Inter Church Gambling Taskforce is currently trying to lobby government to remove ATMs from pokie venues.
What a great idea.
Perhaps it is time for a letter writing campaign.

Did you know that by far the highest rate of problem gambling is experienced by those under 25 years old.
it is estimated that more than a quarter of all problem gamblers are aged under 25.
The rate of problem gambling among young people (18-25) is estimated at between 3.5% to 8%, compared to the general population's rate of 2.15%

With the government set to review gambling legislation this year, now is the time to act.

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