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Friday, July 07, 2006


Funerals and Ministers

Yesterday was Melissa's Grandma's funeral.
She had passed away in her sleep on tuesday morning and so family and friends had come together to celebrate her life and say goodbye.

I always find funerals interesting occasions, not least because they can provide a window into people's belief/understanding/hope of life after death.  They also provide a window into how we view life.

Yesterday the minister challenged those present to reflect on what they saw as the meaning of life, to reflect on the place of God and to be challenged by him.

Ross, the minister, preached at Melissa and my wedding.  I really respect him as a minister, both in his upfront platform ministry and his one on one interactions.  He is able to identify his audience and speak right to where they are.  He is loved by the older members of the congregation as well as the younger.  He is able to speak with enough words to get his message across, without babbling.  He is able to be sensitive, unoffensive and non-confrontational when he speaks, whilst also packing a challenge that is unmissable.

I never cease to be amazed by the preaching 'craft' (if you like) of Ross and sometimes wish that God's will had aligned a little differently so that I could have more chance to learn from him.

I suppose, as I write this, it shows me once again the importance of finding Christian leaders who we respect and look up to.  Find leaders who we are willing to follow and who we want to learn from.

Leaders who will say "Follow me, as I follow Christ" 1 Corinthians 11:1 

just thought I would say HI! and I know what you mean about Ross. He is quite a catch for a minister! :p you know what though? I reckon a lot of the kids that you work with probably think that about u and Melissa. You guys work well together.
Hey Liam,
You know your right, having people to look up to, follow and seek advice form is really important, but then Naomi is also right in that most of us 'youngins' at greensy, look up to either you, melissa, or both of you!
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