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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Random thoughts

Just been doing a bit of thinking the last couple of days.

1) went out for supper last night after football training.  Been thinking alot how football teams, or any kind of club, is alot like the church.
People get together for a purpose and then we all have exactly the same challenges.
Things like the same people seem to do all the work while others just arrive in time to receive with as little work as possible.
I might expand on this thought in the near future.

2) Relationships.
It is funny to see how people interact in relationships.  Especially 'exclusive' relationships. Or especially when people want to be in 'exclusive' relationships.  It makes people do things they normally wouldn't think to do.

Why is it that people would think it is ok to be 'on the lookout' for a better option when they are going out with someone?  As was said on Boston Legal (great show!) on Monday, a relationship doesn't have to be physical for it to be an affair.

I know a number of people who have been in this situation, on both sides, and continue to get caught up in their emotions.  Logic gets thrown out the window.

It is interesting to watch people who have a crush on someone, but won't admit it, either to the person or themselves.
I get to see that all the time.

But anyway, I better go and help with Mainly Music.

P.S. if you think this post is about you. It isn't. Many have trod the path that you might be treading. I could reel off a list of names, but I won't.
Every situation is different, that is why we have ethics, for the grey areas.
it is just interesting that there are also always commonalities.

hey liam :p you're right, i might've assumed! i hope i get to know what you're on about soon! and i'll keep it hushed...maybe! are you plotting evil things? thanks for the chat! ciao mate!
I know what you mean about the football club. I have really been noticing that too. My netball team is similar, when I go to aerobics I find parrellels between it and church.

The instructor pumps up the group and gets excited about pushing ourselves that little bit further. Then at the end of the class, she encourages us to come up and have a chat. Last night I had a bye in Netball and went to Body Attack - a class I hadn't been to before. It was really foreign, made me feel a bit like an outsider. Everyone else knew what to expect what to do and what was likely to come next. But I was blindly following. I wondered if people feel like that when they visit church.

I wonder how we can find God in these commnities...no not that exactly, because I believe he is there and goes with us. But could one of these communities be a spiritual community as well?

Just something I've also been chewing over.
Completelyn agree! We can learn so much from teams. At footy its the same. I think we can learn about mission for example, theyve all got the same goal-winning, they train for it, then do it as a team...

and mel, youre right these groups are spiritual groups for them.for my team footy is their life, much like God and 'church' is mine...
i keep forgetting to say its me James!lol
James you're such a Door Nob.. moving on.
Yeah Liam i see wat ur saying, makes me think about that a bit, yeah i guess its kinda like footy, the same kinda layout, but we're not playing footy at church, or visa versa.
R U plotting evil things? im on to u! Lol jks.. jus being weird.. again.
Well catchya!
Ps: You Never comment on MY blog! :)
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