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Thursday, July 13, 2006



Just a quick thought this morning.

How can someone repent if they don't realise they have done something wrong?

The Bible says that if we confess our sins, God will forgive us.
But to confess our sins we have to realise we have done something wrong.

If we don't realise our failings, how can we ever hope to grow and mature?
How can we seek forgiveness from other people, or from God, if we don't feel we have done anything to wrong them?

We chatted about this topic with a friend and they suggested that you can repent for the sins that you don't know you have committed, by asking God to forgive your sins that you were not aware of....
She spoke of a verse in Proverbs, summary: wounds of a friend are good, but kisses from an enemy bad. Therefore, she suggested that a true friend would come to us and tell us if we had wronged them, therefore we could learn of our sin and repent.

I suggest that what she said is fine, but the real crux of the matter is whether or not the person actually wants to repent.
Hey youve been busy blogging away!
Great blogs too! Perhaps we need to pray for people to be convicted of their sins! Also we need to preach in a way that will convict people without being judgmental... Charles finney, john wesley, william booth were all great examples of this!
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