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Thursday, August 17, 2006


5 reasons to have a List on your blog

Darren over at Problogger is running a Group writing project.

So here is my entry:

5 reasons to have a List on your blog:

5) You get to enter cool group writing projects and have people visit your blog.

4) People love to read lists on blogs, just researching the group writing project lead me to read 15 blogs that I wouldn't have otherwise read.

3) More traffic to my site means people will click on my ads, therefore making me a little bit more money. Hint, Hint.

2) You get to relive great moments in your life or have a laugh at your current life situation.

1) You get to sound like an expert on your favourite topic, at least for the time it takes people to read your list.

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my wrist really hurts.
what's a list?
Nomes has a point.. before you tell us to make a list... shouldnt we know what a list is??? lol
LOL alrighty then! Our list is up if you’d like to look… have a great day!
Hooray for lists.........

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