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Friday, August 04, 2006


Internet: Mission and Ministry part 1

On Wednesday I went to a Rev Up at Whitley College.
The Rev Up is for people in ministry to catch up with the latest trends in ministry, take time out to meet with other people in ministry and get some refreshing, amongst a bunch of other things.

Wednesday's Rev Up was a discussion on Internet: Mission and Ministry lead by Darren Rowse

Over a couple of posts I am going to share some of the inspiration and thoughts I received as well as some of the resources that Darren suggested.

I was really inspired in my blogging. Those who read my previous post will know I have been thinking about this recently.
Watch this space as in the future I am thinking about starting some new blogs, to spread out my thoughts and explore some different areas.

But now to the first set of resources,
Thinking about Online Ministry:
(Please note that Darren compiled a list of resources for the Rev Up, I have just selected a few of them to highlight here)

This article appears on the godbit blog and is a great reminder about the language, be it Christian or techno jargon, that we use with people.

I just like the domain name, ifjesushadawebsite.net

This Article is about Christian Blogging.

This article is all about creating a Church website.

Stay tuned for another few posts about the Rev Up and some resources from it.

Hey, I'm glad you like the name! It just kinda struck me one day last year and it's stuck since.

I hope that it can be a good resource to go along with the catchy name though. That's what really matters.
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