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Monday, August 07, 2006


Internet: Mission and Ministry part 2

In part two of this series I want to share some more sites with you.

We talked about the three important facets of Christian life.
Inner Journey
Outer Journey
Together Journey

Today I will look at the Inner Journey.
The Inner Journey is about our individual spiritual walk.
It is important as disciples to spend time in prayer, reflection, meditiation and reading.

The following sites are all useful resources to assist with the Inner Journey.

For a while I was using the Sacred Space devotionals each day.
They are a simple reflection to use each day, with thoughts, prayers and a scripture reading.

Sacred Gateway is a nice site that uses moving images and words to lead you through a daily prayer. It has good visual appeal.

ReJesus has some very helpful resources, particularly theirPrayer Labyrinth.
Their Daily Prayer is also great. It doesn't just lead you in prayer it also gives you a practical exercise for what you have been thinking about.

If your really interested theSermon index is just what the name suggests.

And lastly in the Inner Journey is the ever practical Bible Gateway which is a great resource for all Christians. Check it out.

Well I hope some of these sites are helpful.
Check them out, comment on what you like or didn't like.
Comment if you have any other sites you use to assist your inner journey.

Part 3 to come tomorrow.

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is a real encouragement to know that people even on the other side of the world have experienced what I am going through. God bless you and your ministry! I've bookmarked your blog which means I'll be back :)

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