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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Internet: Mission and Ministry part 3

Sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday afternoon.
I have been too busy enjoying my week off.

As I shared earlier, we looked at three aspects of Christian life:
Inner Journey
Outer Journey
Together Journey.

Today I am going to share some Outer Journey sites.

The Outer Journey is focussed on those things we have heaps of names for in the Christian world.
Mission, Evangelism, Sharing the Gospel.

Some people are scared about this part of the Christian life, thinking all sorts of things.
While I don't want to get into a huge discussion about our Outer Journey at this time,
I just want to share one thought.

Our Outer Journey should not be so much about what we DO as it should be about who WE ARE.

Digitracts is, as the name suggests, a site with a bunch of digital tracts that you can send to people. Please use with caution.

Story Spot is a place where people tell their story.

Kids Ranch has games and encouragement for 'Kids of All ages"

Jesus.com.au endeavours to build discussion between followers of Jesus and followers of other religions. Looks good, but I haven't had a really good explore yet.

The Goal. Just had to post something about football.

Micah Challenge. The outer journey isn't just about telling people the good news, it is also about showing it to them.

Echo deep is a blog worth looking at.

The Mission Equip Blog is a place where "Missionaries" are able to post their stories and prayer requests.

Once again, check out these sites and let me know which ones you find useful.
Also are there any other sites you have come across that you think people should check out.

Look out for part 4 tomorrow.

hey liam...i clicked on the ads...but I don't "get" your blog anymore...it's become too confusing with all the links and blah and stuff! So huh and double huh??
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