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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Miracles v Science

I have just finished watching last night's episode of House.

The episode (for all those who didn't watch it, or don't have the same schedule as Channel 10 in Melbourne) was about a 15 year old 'faith healer'.

The Christian boy healed people, but found himself in Hospital with a mystery condition.

So House tries to 'outsmart' God, by proving that the boy has an illness to be fixed by medicine, not God.

Along the way the boy 'heals' a dying cancer patient (who just happens to be sleeping with her doctor, House's best friend).

In the end, House proves that the boy 'hears from God' because of benign tumours in his brain and he 'healed' he girl because he infected her with herpes.

It got me to thinking about the relationship between miracles and science.

I have two friends (well actually I have more than that, but) who were both cured of cancer.

One was miraculously healed, and told me that the cancer ultimately oozed out of his chest onto his bed.

The other was healed after a long journey of painful therapy, yet he still attributes his healing as a miracle of God.

It got me thinking about how we understand miracles and God at work in the world.

Some, like House, are quick to discount a God at work in the world because science can explain it all.

Some, like the boy and his father in the beginning, are quick to discount science because it conflicts with their understanding of God.

What do you think?

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Hey Liam...

I did watch house, i thought it was goood, as usual...

I somewhat struggle with science vs Religion, especially when i am at skool, last uear, when we studied evolution i struggled ALOT, because it all kinda adds up, no uestions asked, the science adds up!

However, religion asks us to have faith, to belive what we cannot physically test...

I did struggle with this for a while... HOWEVER....

Beleif, it's a struggle, its a challenge, but it IS worth it... I cant say much more cause i am in class... but i will talk 2 you bout this...

Cya round
In a way I guess I have always tended not to look too far into the science aspect of everything because it gets too confusing for me and as Talz said, science seems to have answers for everything! Umm...yeah, it's kind of difficult. I didn't watch House, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. But there is always another explanation other than Faith that can explain very many things...so Yesss.
We also have to remember that science is a creation of God, just as much as a miracle is.

If we believe that God set the creation in motion, then we have to believe that he too understands science.

Intelligent design (quasi-Creationism) highlights this fact by claiming that however science wants to explain the formation of the earth, God is in control of that.

One problem is that the first three chapters of Genesis don't claim to be a scientific text book, but some Christians try and use it as such.
The gospels don't claim to be medical journals, they just record the miracles that Jesus performed (amongst other things).

Now to claim that science and faith are in opposition to each other, is to claim that God is in opposition to himself.
He created science, so how could he then go against it?
It is funny that there is always a tension between science and faith. I agree with you Liam, there is no need. I used to struggle with aspects Pscyhology and my faith, but the more I studied psychology and the more I understand humans the more I see how they compliment one another. Someone who chooses science over faith or chooses faith over science misses out.
the top scientists in australia are actually all beginning to believe in 'God.' There theories can only go so far, the more they study the more they realise that there HAS to be a creator!

they cant prove the big bang, infact the more they try the weaker their results get, and evolution doesnt work either so scientists turn to God.

i agree that science and religion compliment each other!

The problem lies that Creationism (the science of a six day creation) also doesn't work scientifically.

Science is about watching what happens and explaining it. For science to work you have to be able to see something (whether it be the thing itself, or its effect).

The question is, where does God lie in that?
There are many Christian scientists who support the science of Evolution.
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