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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Purchasing, otherwise known as Shopping

When Melissa and I were in India (1 year ago next week), the first difference we noticed in their speech was the word 'purchasing'.
They were explaining our itinerary for the day to us and they said "there will be some time for purchasing in the afternoon." We didn't know what the heck they were talking about.
Come the afternoon, as we were wandering through the shops of downtown Trivandrum, it occured to us that 'purchasing' was what we would call 'shopping'.

Well this last week has been an epic week for me in a purchasing sense.
For my birthday next week, it was decided that I could purchase a new hiking pack as my old one is over 10 years old and has been to 9 different countries. Now although that sounds pretty impressive, the pack itself was a fairly cheap pack that was never particularly comfortable.

So with the permission of the purchasing officer, I set off to explore the world of hiking packs.
I have a fairly good knowledge of hiking packs, they have always interested me and I have long dreamed of buying a new one.
After much internet research, last Sunday I drove around to 5 camping shops, to peruse their wares.

I came home a bit disenfranchised.

What I wanted was a cheap, good quality pack, that had all the features that I wanted.
What I found was that it was impossible to put those three things together in one package.

Cheap packs are made from cheap materials and have cheap uncomfortable harnesses.
Good quality packs are expensive.

So I had to make a decision.
I ultimately chose to adjust my requirements, to get a more basic pack.
But I chose to go with quality over cheapness.
I decided that in this instance, it was better to spend more money on a product that would last for another 10 years rather than a cheap alternative that wouldn't.
I also decided to buy Australian (and Melbourne) made, One Planet
being the only Australian made hiking packs.

When I am shopping or purchasing, my buying decision is shaped by the cost/quality debate. That is first and foremost in my mind.
The question is, what reference points do we have when we are purchasing?

What informs your purchasing?

Well, that was strange, never thought i would see the day that a Male would post a blog entry on shopping:) lol:P

umm... regarding your last question, "What informs your purchasing?" Well, when it comes to me, my wallet is what usually sets my limit, if i have a enough money i will go for quality, but if i need the item, but cannot afford the good quality, instead of wait i will buy a dodgy version, save up money get the better version and then give the dodgy one to my sis:P (lol i know generous huh?)

I guess, me, i love SHOPPING, i can spend an entire day shopping even if i have NO money at all, i dunno, I could say tones more irrelevant facts abou8t shopping and how much fun it can be lol:p but i will go as i shuld b doin I.T. lol:p
Catch ya Liam
Luv Talz
im a bit the same as you. i think i try to justify my purchasing... questions i ask for 'bigger' things (over $20) are things like

1)Will it last?
2)Do i need it?
3)Is this the best way to spend the money i have?
4)Whats its purpose? and
5)How can God use it?
I think we need to say a big thank you to " The Purchasing Officer" who obviously knows how much you wanted and needed (I just hope you didn't harp on the fact too much) a new back pack.

Thanks, Thanks , Thanks
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