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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The Rise of Neo-Fundamentalism

Sorry I haven't had a chance to post in a little while.

I found a very interesting discussion going on Scot McKnight's 'Jesus Creed' blog.

It is about the rise of what he terms, Neo-Fundamentalism within the church.

His first article looks at the rise of Neo-Fundamentalism and what he sees as the eventual results of it for the church and for the individuals involved.

His second article looks at what he sees as the driving forces of Neo-Fundamentalism.

Here is what he sees, check out his blog for the full breakdown:

Here’s my thesis: the core driving force of Neo-Fundamentalism (like the old) is a remnant mentality. That is, it believes the following:

1. That it alone remains true to the fullness of the gospel and the

orthodox faith.

2. That the Church worldwide is hanging on a precipice and will

soon, if it doesn’t wake up, fall from the faith.

3. That the solution to this nearly-apocalyptic church situation is to

tighten up theological stands and clarify what is most central

and most important for the Church today.

4. That the major problems are theological drift, church laxity, and

evangelical compromise with either modernity and/or


5. That it is “Neo” because it arises within Evangelicalism today and

will either break from it or seek its widespread reform — and

therefore its particular characteristics are determined by

contemporary Evangelicalism. E.g., it isn’t really concerned

about dancing and movies and “mixed bathing.”

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