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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Favourite 'How to ...' posts from the Group Writing Project

Well, I have just had a great long, long weekend.
Hence why I haven't got around to reflecting back over the Group Writing Project run by Darren over at Pro Blogger.

343 submissions later and we have ourselves a Group Writing Project.
I must admit that I didn't read all 343 submissions, check out my 'How to...' to find out why.

So here is a list (in no particular order) of submissions that I found useful and/or funny.

A great post on How to survive depression from someone who is there.

How to Define Success is a must read, especially for people feeling bombared by other people's expectations.

How to make a good decision, always an important skill.

How to 'buy' happiness raises some good questions and also points out that those who have money are along way ahead when it comes to literally surviving the day.

How to accept mistakes and don't blame others is a lesson we all need to learn.

How to live with teenagers is a laugh.

How to let go and move on is yet another lesson that we need to learn.

How to find a cure for diseases with your computer is an important read if you don't want to die of a preventable disease.

How to participate in the blogging community is a great reminder of what it is to be involved in the blogosphere.

How to overcome fear. Fear is a natural part of life, so is overcoming it.

Click here to see all the submissions in the Group Writing Project.

How to keep your relationship healthy with your wife is another great read.

And last, but not least,
How to be a parent and still have fun.

There we go, just a handful of the 343 submissions in the project.

Hey liam!

Well, those reads are realy kool!!!
I read a few, still have a few to go but WOW! nice choice in options, they are great!
Luv Talz
hi liam. thanks for the link to my blog on How To Live With Teenagers. I appreciate it! Blessings on your ministry. thus spoke churchpundit!
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