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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Church camp

On the weekend we had our church camp.
It was a great chance to get away and just hang out with people from our church community.
We went to a local Scout Camp at the base of Mount Disappointment.
We did all the usually campy things, hiked, played board games and ate lots of great food.

Just 3 reflections that I have on the experience of our church camp:

1) The people who attended were, on the whole, the same people who are most actively involved in the life and ministry of our church. What does that say about church community?

2) Children breath a totally different atmosphere into a community. We had a great time over the nights when there were no kids there but during the days when we had children visiting the camp was just a different place. It was great to see everyone pitch in to help hold the twin babies and keep the toddlers entertained. It was a great illustration of how communities can work together to raise children.

3) Worship of God is so much more fulfilling if we involve the beauty of his creation. To be in an outdoor setting for a weekend was great. Sunday morning we had worship in the open air chapel. Melissa and I led the service and so we encouraged people to reflect on God's creation. With our eyes closed we listened to the sounds and with our eyes open we went and looked at what God had created.

So it was a great church camp, everyone who went, for a day or three, really enjoyed themselves and felt closer to their church community.

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I always like church camps too, and they're nice because the majority of the time they seem to be in a nice place with much aesthetic appreciation and value! Just thought I'd let u know I'm still reading and clicking WHEN I get there! :)
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