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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Blogger's block

I haven't blogged in a while.
Sorry to all my faithful readers.

There have been a combination of reasons.
Firstly I have been quite busy. Working at the council as well as the salvos has made me a busy boy.
For anyone who lives locally and gets the Leader newspaper check out the two page spread on the Youth Services BBQs happening in the outer areas of Nillumbik council. That is why I have been so busy. I have been organising those barbeques which has been a great challenge.
The idea has been to get out to the rural areas of the shire and connect with young people as they get off their school buses.
We give them a sausage and one of our cool orange NYP wristbands and then chat to them. We let them know about Youth Services and what we do as well as trying to get ideas from them about what they would like to see in their local area.
It has been a great opportunity to get out and meet some new young people that I normally don't get to chat to.

Secondly someone has been trying to use my blog to stir up some trouble.
You lose some interest when someone is trying to sour something you put a bit of effort into.
But I am over worrying about it, at least I am getting a loyal reader.
Now all I have to do is increase the rate at which my loyal readers click on my ads (hint, hint).

Thirdly there has been so much stuff going on in the world lately that I can't pick one thing to blog about and still keep it concise.
I know I have a tendency to ramble, which is fine if I was writing for myself. But because I would like people to read my blog, then I have to get to the point.

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wow! I have read some of your blog posts now...but I still have more to catch up on, so even with your bloggers block I'm still behind! I fully read the last one, about James, scanned over the others, read a bit better the one about Bono. Any's! Ciao bomb.
hahaha I know how it feels to have people use your blog to stir up trouble too! Just be careful what you write and how u write it, a lesson ive learnt with experience!
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